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Raye Evans

Grading Permit submitted

The grading permit application was submitted to the City of Chelan last week with effort moving toward ground breaking. Permits have been issuing in the 3-6 week timeframe. Earthwork is set to commence upon approval of grading permit. Watch for signs of Rimmer & Roeter Construction!

conditional use permit application decision approved

Seven Acres Foundation received the Notice of Decision today for approval of a conditional use permit by City of Chelan Land Use Hearing Examiner, CUP #2020-08 and SEPA #2020-06, for the Community Center at Lake Chelan. Next step: Submit grading permit application to move toward ground breaking, earthwork, and infrastructure.


The Seven Acres Foundation has reached an agreement with Holly and Ryan Moody to lease space in the Community Center at Lake Chelan for their new business venture, The Vine Coffee.  The coffee shop will be the exclusive convenience food and beverage vendor at the Center, and it’s expected to…