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The Seven Acres Foundation has reached an agreement with Holly and Ryan Moody to lease space in the Community Center at Lake Chelan for their new business venture, The Vine Coffee.  The coffee shop will be the exclusive convenience food and beverage vendor at the Center, and it’s expected to… 


Torrence Engineering is working with elevations and slopes as they begin developing infrastructure plans for the main building, parking lot, and sports plex.  Bluebell and the walking trail will be moved to the outside edge of project.  Sewer and Water are available as infrastructure planning is in motion. 

Forward Movement

The Vineyard Gala in September raised over $750,000, pushing us close to the 50% fundraising commitment level.  Since then we have been pursuing the acquisition of property on Bighorn Way adjacent to the Lookout and now have mutual acceptance on the agreement, giving the project a superb location and enabling… 

50 % Fundraising Commitment

Thank you for your support of The Seven Acres Foundation (a 501c3 qualified foundation) and the Community Center at Lake Chelan. We are thrilled to announce that we have reached the 50% fundraising commitment level! Thank you for getting the Community Center at Lake Chelan to this point and thank…