The Foundation exists as the legal entity, a secular 501 c(3), that will facilitate the construction, maintenance and operations of the Community Center at Lake Chelan. It is run by the Executive Director, Raye Evans, our only paid employee, and is managed by a dedicated, highly experienced Board of Directors with a wide variety of skills and accomplishments.

This exciting new facility will serve as a hub for creating relationships, promoting health and wellness. It will meet the needs of the unserved, empower professional endeavors, promote volunteerism and increase sports and healthy activities in the Lake Chelan Valley. It will be available to everyone! In addition, there will be a tangible economic benefit to our community, generating multiple sources of tax revenue. The construction phase of the project will bring many new job opportunities to our area, utilizing as many local contractors as possible.

In August 2020, we closed on purchase of the property, adjacent to the Lookout development. The location is better than the originally planned property on Anderson Road property for many reasons, including proximity to downtown Chelan and Manson, proximity to utilities, and overall accessibility. Additionally, our agreement with the Lookout enabled the foundation to donate five acres of buildable land to the Chelan Valley Housing Trust on Anderson Road.

No, the CCLC does not have a partnership arrangement with the Lookout. However, the Seven Acres Foundation is extremely grateful to the Lookout for generously donating a portion of land on which the facility will be built.

The SAF is over 55% in committed funds of the estimated project costs, which is a remarkable achievement given multiple fundraising barriers created by the COVID-19 pandemic. This has been accomplished through a combination of private donations and public and private grants, and an ongoing marketing effort to make as many potential donors aware of the CCLC as possible.


The CCLC will be located at the 103 Bighorn Way, on Hwy 150 just northwest of downtown Chelan and on Link Transit bus route #21. Situated on a 6-acre campus, the Community Center’s main building will be a two-story structure with a total size of 44,100 square feet.

The CCLC is not just a recreation complex; rather it will provide opportunities for the whole person – mind, body and spirit.  Some of its key facilities include:

  • Multi-purpose auditorium/gymnasium:
    • Full size basketball court with spectators or 3 practice courts
    • Full size volleyball court with spectators or 3 practice courts
    • Performance stage
    • Hosting capacity of 500-700 people
  • 25-yard competition swimming pool
  • 5 outdoor pickleball courts
  • 2 outdoor and 1 enclosed sand volleyball courts
  • Indoor children’s play structure
  • Meeting rooms – 5 rooms at 30-60 capacity that can be combined into larger spaces for additional capacity
  • Office space – 9 offices between 100-140 square feet available to rent at affordable rates
  • Workspace Center – space available to rent by the day (desk, monitors, internet)
  • Coffee shop in the reception area

Event Lawn

The CCLC will use passes instead of a typical membership model. Individuals will be able to purchase a pass or package of passes for use of the different amenities (i.e. pool, courts), in addition to rental of specific rooms/locations. This structure will allow flexibility for the community to focus their interests without an exclusive membership fee creating a barrier to the underserved.

Yes! There will be a 6 lane, 25-yard competition swimming pool and a smaller adjacent pool for swim lessons. The three primary functions are Lap Swim, Swim Lessons, and Aquatic Therapy. It will be available for private/group rental and will have open hours for those with pool subscriptions or passes. High Schools or clubs will have the opportunity to use the pool for swim teams. The pool will be initially constructed uncovered, but the plan is to enclose it with an open-air covered option as soon as funding is secured.

Yes, the gym rental will be available to schools, clubs, and the community. With the limited gym space in the valley, school, clubs and AAU teams will be able to practice and play in the new regulation-sized indoor court. We would love to see Lake Chelan host some of the largest tournaments in the region.

Yes! The auditorium is large enough to host a wide variety of events. It has capacity for 500-700 as a tabled event. It will also include full A/V set up for sound and a projector/screen, a commercial kitchen onsite, and a variety of multi-purpose rooms that could be used for set-up such as a Bridal Room. The 1,028 sq ft Event Room is also available to host special events with capacity for 68-146 people, depending on the event type. This room includes direct access to the commercial kitchen and event lawn.

It will be in a 900 sq. ft. room that will allow children to have a safe and comfortable place to play year-round and give parents the opportunity to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea as they keep an eye on their little ones.


The CCLC will be for everyone in our community; a centralized service hub that connects people, resources and activities to each other in ways that enhance the quality of life in Lake Chelan Valley. We are asking for support from those in our community who have financial capacity so that we can provide this resource for everyone.

See how our Core Values align with yours:

  • Service: We promote volunteerism as a way of life. We will host Volunteer Fairs and actively work to ensure the community is encouraged to get involved and help them find organizations with which to engage.
  • Connection: We will be a tool to help connect individuals, non-profits and businesses. Our office, meeting and event spaces will help foster connection through the organizations we bring together and events we host to better connect our community. Our facility will allow space for the amazing nonprofits around the Lake Chelan Valley to come together. 
  • Relationships: It is so important to build healthy families and friendships, using the power of community we will help our community establish, sustain and grow relationships. We will host opportunities for the organizations who use the facility to network and best work together for the common good of all.
  • Wellness: We equip people to grow strong in body, mind and spirit. The CCLC campus will have a wide variety of wellness opportunities for physical activity, educational growth, and fulfilment.
  • Compassion: We want to help meet the needs of the unserved and underserved.  It drives our core planning, and in times of crisis people will be able to find temporary shelter in the CCLC.

It’s easy! Go to to make an online donation. You can learn more about the different levels of giving here, Or simply mail donation to P.O. Box 1732 Chelan, WA. 98816

Yes! We would love the opportunity to show our appreciation for your donation through a naming opportunity. Please contact Raye Evans to discuss further.

Brick sponsorship starts at just $150, see the opportunities here,

Naming opportunities for rooms or elements of the facility start at $25,000. See the opportunities here,

We are in the process of applying for a variety of public and private foundations for the capital campaign. Adding to the support of private individuals, they are critical to the success of the campaign. To date, we have been awarded grants from the State of Washington, Names Family Foundation, Murdock Charitable Trust, and Oscar & Elsa Mayer Family Foundation.

Do you have a foundation that CCLC could be a good fit for? Please contact Raye Evans to discuss further

No, and this is so appealing to our community. The CCLC is for everyone in our community but you have a choice to be a part of it. The CCLC cannot exist on its own, but thanks to those who are excited to be a part of making it happen, the opportunity is here for everyone.

We fully expect the funds to be raised. Our contingency plan is to evaluate reducing the scope of the building and consider construction in multiple phases based on the availability of funding. We also expect to utilize construction loans based on the pledged funding, but for obvious reasons, we intend to keep the debt service on the CCLC as minimal as possible.

We are hosting fundraising events throughout the campaign and construction. For example, Seven Acres conducted a live two-hour fundraiser with KOZI Radio last summer, raising an unexpected total of $235,000, thanks in part to a generous $75,000 challenge grant from our General Contractor, Rimmer & Roeter. A follow-up radiothon is planned for the Spring of 2021. Once construction is completed, an annual fundraising event is likely to support on-going programs and CCLC facility. Please join our mailing list or watch the website for event announcements.

Raye Evans, the Executive Director of the Seven Acres Foundation, monitors and regularly posts update on the website We also have an email newsletter that will be sending monthly updates directly to your inbox. To sign up please visit (sign up at the bottom of the page).  

who is served/affiliations

Compassion is a core value at CCLC. We are developing partnerships and programs that enhance the lives of disadvantaged kids and people in our community. The CCLC is a venue and affordable space for partners and service organizations that work to help the disadvantaged throughout the city and region in a variety of ways. Being a hub for services, the CCLC will also be an accessible destination where people can receive multiple support services in one location. For example, CCLC partner Thrive serves youth in our community and we are very excited for them to host their Teen Center at the CCLC which includes a warm meal and a safe place to relax and connect. CCLC partner RealLife will host a yearly oil change event for single moms and provides backpacks and school supplies to kids. These are just two examples.

We are also taking consideration of the limited or lack of funds available to disadvantaged kids and their families as we develop the CCLC’s detailed operations model (i.e. swimming lessons and passes, event space for personal/family gatherings). These plans are in development and will include scholarship opportunities.

Yes, definitely, the CCLC will encourage Hispanic/Latino participation and leadership. For example, ideas being discussed include facilitating ESL classes, hiring an interpreter for the facility, and cultivating unique partnerships.

The CCLC is part of the Seven Acres Foundation (SAF) non-profit organization, with the SAF Board of Directors governing it. While members of RealLife NCW have been instrumental in creating the CCLC, they are separate entities. SAF now leads project development and will run operations of the center. RealLife NCW will be a long-term tenant of the Community Center, renting office space and the multi-purpose room for weekly worship services.


Our community has been wanting and trying to fulfil the dream of a Community Center for many years. As planning for the CCLC began to take shape in 2017, we used that community interest and support to drive making the project a reality! We broke ground on October 20, 2020 and expect to begin construction in Spring 2021.

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the timeline for the CCLC through delays in coordinating construction and business affairs as well as impact on private funding. We are very grateful to all those who’ve continued to support the CCLC in 2020, but it is clear that the fundraising for this project will take a bit longer than expected before the pandemic. We are projecting the CCLC will open Summer 2022.

Soils at the construction site are too moist for ideal compaction. Plans were never to start on the building until 2021. We have a good start for leveling the site in the spring.

Rimmer & Roeter Construction is our primary contractor. We are also working with Complete Design (architect & structural engineer), GCH (campus layout & landscape design), Torrence Engineering (civil engineer).

We anticipate minimal disruption, if any. Highway access is established from Bighorn Way. Water and Sewer is established to property.


We have developed a detailed pro forma budget outlining our first five years and how we will balance our earned revenue through facility rentals and program fees to offset our expenses. If you are interested in learning more about our business model, please contact Raye Evans,

The Operations Committee is currently meeting to establish the policies and procedures of the CCLC.

Yes. Our ongoing business model is sustainable with earned revenue from the facility rentals and program fees. Yet as any non-profit, additional support is always appreciated! Sponsors, donors and grants will supplement our earned revenue and allow for sustainable security with strategic reserves, successful events, and program expansion to increase our impact. If you are interested in learning more about our business model, please contact Raye Evans,

As part of the capital campaign we are looking for sponsors to support the construction of the CCLC, which can be done with a one-time gift or multi-year sponsorship.

Long term our business model is sustainable, yet as any non-profit, sponsors are always appreciated! Sponsors, donors and grants will supplement our earned revenue and allow for sustainable security with strategic reserves, successful events, and program expansion to increase our impact. If you are interested in learning more about becoming a sponsor, please contact Raye Evans, or visit

Our plan for sustainably is to have a swimming pool that balances earned revenue from individual subscriptions, private rentals, classes and swim teams, to cover the full operating expense. We also have maintenance support from a local donor to offset expenses. A community pool is so critical to the Lake Chelan Valley, that we are prepared to mitigate any additional expense through fundraising. We need this resource; our children need this resource.