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Focused on the day to day activities and function of the center itself, interaction with volunteers, partners and community.

Maribel Cruz

“I believe in the mission of the Community Center, which is to bring partnerships to a central location to encourage the betterment of those living in the Lake Chelan Valley. Specifically, I believe that by focusingĀ on relationships we are making long term investments in the future of those we most want to serve.”

Erin Fielding

“I am really excited about all of the possibilities and connections that the Community Center at Lake Chelan will bring to our valley. I’m excited at the opportunity of being a part of something that can bring us all together!”

Tamara Marlin

“I love the idea of utilizing the synergy within our community to offer resources for all ages and interests. The CCLC promises to be well diversified in programing so that everyone will feel welcome and have a place to gather and experience true connections.”

Holly Moody

Kyle Plew

“When a community helps the least, last and lost, the entire community benefits.”

Stephanie Rogers

“I love that the future CCLC will meet so many different needs in our community. I am looking forward to watching the Community Center connect people in our valley.”

Mike Steele

“The CCLC is going to be an amazing community asset for our valley. I am happy to volunteer with this organization, because I believe in the legacy so many of our community members have had to support and look forward to seeing a product that will truly be a gem in the Lake Chelan Valley.”

Luke Wall

“I am excited for the future of CCLC and the significant impact it will have on the greater Chelan County because of how it is partnering with individuals and non-organizations serving the community!”

Ben Williams