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Yes, the CCLC is happening, folks!  It’s now full speed ahead.  There is generous, and then there’s overwhelmingly generous that Brooke and Scott have shown.  We are so incredibly grateful for the love they’ve extended to all of us.

When asked why they decided to make such an enormous contribution, the central theme from both Brooke and Scott was giving back to their community and inspiring others to do so as well.  Brooke said “I just feel incredibly blessed to have grown up in the Chelan area, a community that has provided so very much to me.  It’s given me my roots and the foundation of who I am as a person. For our family, this is our way of saying ‘thank you’ to the community that’s had such a huge impact on our lives.”  Scott said they were originally going to make their donation anonymously, but decided to go public mainly to encourage others.  “Brooke and I just felt this was something we needed to do.  We wanted to show good stewardship of the financial situation we’ve been blessed with.  Our job is to not just sit on our money, but to find ways to pay it forward for the good of others. What a wonderful tool the Community Center will be for kids, families, small businesses, non-profits, you name it.  We are very grateful and humbled to be a part of this,” he added.